Get the body you deserve with BeautiFill Tumescent Liposuction

Target fat in specific regions, sculpt your body, and gain instant confidence without spending hours in the gym with Beautifill's improved tumescent liposuction. Become You in every way.



The body of your dreams is a reality

Live the body of your dreams in the real world. Get the best care with Laser liposuction and fat transfer with Beautifill’s Tumescent Liposuction. When you choose to get the body you deserve without staring at the scales for months on end or going on several diets, Aesthetix Plus is the place for you. 

Our range of services including laser liposuction, fat transfers, permanent fillers, natural breast augmentation, and Brazilian Butt lift procedures will leave you feeling satisfied with the confidence to take on the world.

*Individual results may vary

Why choose Beautifill Tumescent Liposuction?

Beautifill Tumescent Liposuction targets the “problem areas” that store “stubborn fats” and uses an advanced laser liposculpture technology to break down the fats and tighten the skin simultaneously. 

Unlike traditional methods that only break down the fat and leave loose skin, Beautifill performs a two-in-one suctioning and tightening service, by triggering collagen production, which ensures that your skin is taut and firm after the procedure.

At Aesthetix Plus, we understand the concerns that our clients have with liposuction. Therefore, we’ve chosen to introduce the Beautifill tumescent laser liposuction for liposuction and fat transfer to our clients to ensure seamless procedures and increased satisfaction levels.

Get to know the Beautifill Process

Beautifill laser fiber is inserted through a small tube into the body and the laser breaks the fat cell membranes. The liquefied fat is suctioned out gently while the skin is tightened through coagulation. The liquefied fat suctioned out during the liposuction process can be used during fat transfer.

Fat transfer using Beautifill works by taking the suctioned fat, purifying it and using it as a dermal filler. This fills up the transfer areas by giving it a natural boost from organic matter found from your body.

What makes the Beautifill tumescent liposuction more appealing is that no skin dimpling or sagging is expected after your procedure. Light bruising or swelling may occur after the procedure as is normal for every post-op. Minimal scarring should be expected at insertion sites. Visible results as swelling goes down. 

What you get

Asthetix Plus offers a wide range of procedures including Beautifill laser liposuction and fat transfer, natural breast augmentation, permanent fillers, and Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) for our clients. 

If you’re interested in the Beautifill laser liposuction and fat transfer, you can expect the following pre and post procedure.

Take the right step today. Own your body and boost your confidence.
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