PicoSure® Tattoo Removal

Sometimes life changes. Sometimes you just change your mind.

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PicoSure® Tattoo Removal

Change is inevitable—our personalities, our style, our beliefs evolve over time. For some, that includes a change of heart about their tattoos. Whether it’s because of design, placement, or message, Aesthetix Plus can help you start anew!

We offer the PicoSure® solution to clear away unwanted tattoos more completely with faster and fewer treatments, significantly reducing removal times versus other systems. PicoSure® is the only 755 nm / 532 nm laser for tattoo removal of all colors. It is proven and trusted by leading providers and is the only device that treats all ink colors more effectively, shattering the ink into tiny microscopic particles that are more quickly absorbed and eliminated by your body.

Some of the benefits of PicoSure® laser tattoo removal include:

  • Extremely fast—1 billionth of a second!
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Treats all ink colors
  • Allows to selectively lightening a specific tattoo area to allow for a cover-up
  • Option to change a tattoo outline or shade color
  • Creates smooth transitions between tattoo pieces

Aesthetix Plus offers various methods to achieve a very comfortable laser tattoo removal experience.

Option 1 includes topical medication, where a numbing cream is applied to the skin for about 20 minutes to help achieve a very comfortable experience. We only use specially formulated numbing cream, which consists of at least four different ingredients that work together to put the tiny nerves in the skin to sleep. This method is very common and preferred for treating very small to small-sized tattoos.

Option 2 includes using a specially designed air cooling system, which cools the skin very fast to allow the tiny skin nerves to relax and ease the discomfort level. This option can be used for many different tattoo sizes and depends on each individual preference.

Option 3 includes an injection of numbing medication under the skin. This option is usually reserved for large tattoos, and after the injection, you will need to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes for anesthesia to take effect.

Option 4 includes only the PicoSure® laser treatment. The average discomfort level rated by people getting the treatment was a 2 to 3 out of 10.

The best option for you will be determined and discussed at the time of your consultation, as it not only depends on the size and color but also on the location of the tattoo. A tattoo on the back is not the same as a tattoo over the lip or nipple, for example. Get started by scheduling your free in-person consultation with our medical team.

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