First clinically proven anti-wrinkle injection.

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Xeomin® is unique. It was the first clinically proven anti-wrinkle injection uniquely purified to remove proteins unnecessary for treatment.

Xeomin® is indicated for temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adult patients. Xeomin® can help differentiate your practice.

Xeomin® is different in ways that matter to you and to your patients.

*Studies have not been performed to determine whether the presence or absence of complexing/unnecessary proteins has a long-term effect on safety or efficacy.

Mechanism of Action

· Xeomin® is a Botulinum Toxin Type A that blocks transmission of acetylcholine (ACh) from neuron to muscle

· This inhibits muscle contraction and causes muscle paresis (weakness) or paralysis

· Botulinum Toxin Type A only affects "cholinergic neurons" (neurons which use acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter)

· Botulinum Toxin Type A effects dissipate after ~ 3 months because new SNAP-25 proteins take 3 months to be synthesized

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