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About Picosure® Tattoo Removal

Change is inevitable—our personalities, our style, our beliefs evolve over time. For some, that includes a change of heart about their tattoos. Whether it’s because of design, placement, or message, Aesthetix Plus can help you start anew!

We offer the PicoSure® solution to clear away unwanted tattoos more completely with faster and fewer treatments, significantly reducing removal times versus other systems. PicoSure® is the only 755 nm / 532 nm laser for tattoo removal of all colors. It is proven and trusted by leading providers and is the only device that treats all ink colors more effectively, shattering the ink into tiny microscopic particles that are more quickly absorbed and eliminated by your body.

Some of the benefits of PicoSure® laser tattoo removal include:

Aesthetix Plus offers various methods to achieve a very comfortable laser tattoo removal experience.

Option 1 includes topical medication, where a numbing cream is applied to the skin for about 20 minutes to help achieve a very comfortable experience. We only use specially formulated numbing cream, which consists of at least four different ingredients that work together to put the tiny nerves in the skin to sleep. This method is very common and preferred for treating very small to small-sized tattoos.

Option 2 includes using a specially designed air cooling system, which cools the skin very fast to allow the tiny skin nerves to relax and ease the discomfort level. This option can be used for many different tattoo sizes and depends on each individual preference.

Option 3 includes an injection of numbing medication under the skin. This option is usually reserved for large tattoos, and after the injection, you will need to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes for anesthesia to take effect.

Option 4 includes only the PicoSure® laser treatment. The average discomfort level rated by people getting the treatment was a 2 to 3 out of 10.

The best option for you will be determined and discussed at the time of your consultation, as it not only depends on the size and color but also on the location of the tattoo. A tattoo on the back is not the same as a tattoo over the lip or nipple, for example. Get started by scheduling your free in-person consultation with our medical team for tattoo removal in Ponte Vedra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aesthetix Plus operates a state-of-the-art practice that caters to both men and women. In order to continue providing quality service, the practice’s goal is to provide its clients with the latest and best technology out there. Currently, PicoSure® laser is the gold standard treatment for laser tattoo removal. It is also limited to only a few practices in the Jacksonville area.

It’s the world’s first picosecond laser that operates with very fast—actually, one billionth of a second fast—speed. This speed creates pure energy generation in the form of pressure or a pulsed-shock wave effect on the tattoo pigments and results in very little or no heat generation. PicoSure® uses groundbreaking technology, which has become the “Gold Standard” in laser tattoo removal. With this unique technology, the average tattoo can be almost over 90% cleared in as little as four treatments, while the rest of the old technology lasers will result in about 50% clearance and will take as many as 20 treatments and a few years. The near absence of heat injury and damage to healthy skin means little risk of hypopigmentation seen with the more common lasers such as Q-switched or Nd-YAG.

Tattoos are created by delivering ink particles in the deeper layers of the skin to create different artistic designs. These tattoos come in various colors and sizes and also are made with different types of ink. The recent boom in artistic expression has made getting a tattoo a regular phenomenon, when not too long ago it was still considered very taboo. The increased variation of colors and patterns generated a demand for a new laser that can target any ink color and be treated on any skin type. That’s how PicoSure® came to the market and, over a very short time, became the unprecedented leader in the industry. 

Traditional lasers for tattoo removal such as Q-switched and Nd-YAG were only able to treat light skin color and only black or blue ink tattoo. The heat energy generated during the removal process also led to increased occurrence of scar formation, as well as skin discoloration in the form of hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). Modern tattoos often contain numerous colors and types of inks, and these colors can be difficult to remove with standard or traditional laser technology.

It all depends on the size of the tattoo you wish to have removed. A small one-line tattoo will take less than five minutes to complete, while others may take up to 30 minutes.
This depends on several factors, including size, location, color(s), and age of the tattoo. It may take as little as one session, but it may also take as many as 10. The average number of treatments needed to clear one tattoo is between 4-6 to achieve 80-90% tattoo clearance.*
PicoSure® is FDA cleared for tattoo removal in all skin types (I-VI). The unique pico technology targets only skin with ink in it, leaving healthy skin around it. As a result, patients have less chance of complications such as scar formation or hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, especially in skin types III and above (Hispanic, Asian, or Black).
The treated tattoo will appear slightly white or look “frosted”. It may also turn a little swollen and red. It is very important to familiarize yourself with post-care instructions.
Yes, it is very common to have patients come to us to completely remove a tattoo that brings unpleasant memories. It is very safe to do so and the chance of adverse effects is very minimal.
Absolutely. Once you achieve the amount of clearance you hoped for, it’s recommended that you wait at least six to eight weeks for the skin to heal and recover before attempting to get another tattoo.

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments it will require. Aesthetix Plus offers a variety of treatment packages that will work with any budget. Review our financing page for more options to pay for your treatment.

It is a very comfortable procedure and actually is associated with less discomfort compared to getting a tattoo. The very unique technology and speed of the laser simply make tattoo removal a breeze. The ultra-short duration of energy is very strong and very precise in targeting only the skin with ink while preserving and avoiding the healthy skin around it. This mechanism allows for a more comfortable experience, as less skin is damaged and fewer nerve endings get activated, which leads to less pain. If there would be one word to describe the sensation one may experience during the tattoo removal process, it will most likely be a “small rubber band snapping against the skin”.