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Maintain Your Health And Wellness Goals With IV Energy.

About IV Energy

Our customized IV infusions deliver fluids, vitamins, and other supplements to complement an active healthy lifestyle, support your performance, and maintain your health and wellness goals. The right balance of vitamins, fluids, and minerals can help improve your energy and metabolism levels, maximize athletic performance, strengthen your immune system, promote healthy skin, keep you hydrated, and provide hangover relief recovery.

Here at Aesthetix Plus, we offer such unique IV blends as Energy Boost, After Party Recovery, Immunity Support, and General wellness among others. We will customize the intravenous infusion blend to satisfy your specific needs.

Detox After Party – $225.00

A complete hangover cure package. No one wants to look drunk or hangover, especially around your work. This treatment targets all elements of alcohol excess ingestion to help you feel almost immediately better and will make you forget your were drinking in the first place. You will feel “awake and energized” and ready for anything, especially to go back to work or a meeting. This will save you valuable time and money and save you from missing a day of work or school.

Your benefits: 

Beauty Glow – $225.00

Skin is the largest body organ and needs a lot of attention and maintenance. This package will help your skin to feel rehydrated and restore its glow and natural health.

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